Sunday, December 26, 2010

The clock's been reset

Because I finally had another white Christmas! My first since 1989...It's been a long 21 years. It was only a little bit (less than an inch) but it did start snowing in KG at about 4pm yesterday. They are due to get more, and we were a little worried about driving home today. The roads were wet in KG but perfectly clear by the time we got on Rt. 3, and when we got back on the beltway in MD there wasn't even any snow on the ground. We should get a little tonight into tomorrow morning.

I got pink jammies, gift cards to Old Navy, iTunes, and Kohls, silver earrings and a sliver bracelet, a purple cardigan sweater and purple striped long sleeve t-shirt, and a few little things (puzzle, hair towel and socks, chocolates). I helped mom make a fabulous Christmas dinner - she roasted an excellent beef tenderloin and made green beans with almonds, and creamed pearl onions; I made roasted fingerling potatoes (olive oil and garlic, paprika, chives, onion, parsley, rosemary, salt and pepper) and sauteed mushrooms in a butter-merlot glaze. SO YUM. (Post-Sunday-dinner update: steak and eggs = ALSO YUM, with tater tots and brown sugar bacon. Not so good for my cholesterol though!)

Only 3 days of work, and looking forward to a full week of yoga this week: two classes on Monday for my post-Christmas 'mini-retreat' (75 min gentle to warm up, then 75 min of more vigorous flow 2/3), flow 1/2 on Tuesday and 2/3 on Wednesday, either gentle in the AM on Thursday or hot yoga in the evening (depending on if we get together with M's relatives) and 1/2 Friday morning with Matt Green. Then off to Fredericksburg for New Years Eve with the Bauers, and goodbye 2010!

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