Sunday, December 05, 2010

Moving through December

Had a great afternoon/evening but a rotten night last night. We went to the Nusbaum's Christmas party yesterday - I won Don't Forget the Christmas Lyrics (M got 2nd) and a Trivial Pursuit card game; I also blew everyone out of the water on Holiday Trivia (this year's theme was the classic movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which I've seen a million times) but donated the prize to the 3rd place winner (M got second again here too). I got a portable cooler/warmer and M got a rubiks cube and kazoo set from the gift exchange.We went to a live nativity in Reston and then got takeout chinese food and watched the ACC championship game - Hokies win!!

I was feeling a little meh when I went to bed and had a few hours where, in retrospect, I'm not sure if I was asleep then or not. By a little after 2am my hot and sour soup was ravishing my esophagus and I had to get up. Four tums, a glass of milk, and two hours of half sleeping sitting up on the couch went by before I could go back to bed. I get heartburn very rarely (maybe once a month?) but when I do it's fairly awful. I am going to try some Zantac and see if that helps.

We went to church this morning (I might have been tempted to skip, but we were serving communion); I worked on my final marketing class assignment for a while after we got home and then took a two hour nap on the couch. 

We have M's office Christmas party next Saturday, church Christmas concert on the 15th, OAR concert at Strathmore on the 18th and a church Christmas party on the 19th. We'll head down to KG after the Christmas eve service, for the weekend, and to the Bauers for New Years - M and Derrick will be sampling their Johnnie Walker set they bought in St. Maarten, while Robyn and I drink sugar cookie martinis :-)


If you hadn't already seen on Facebook, we got Droid X phones (and are back on Verizon contract). M has been dying for a smartphone for like, a year. We had originally decided that we would go back on contract once we were able to sign up for FIOS service, because it would be 'budget neutral' for the first year. They were out laying cable in our neighborhood back in June, and I actually asked one of the guys how much longer it would be - he said it's typically 1-3 months after they're done digging. Well, September came and went, and so did the rest of the fall, and still no FIOS. But when we found out that we could get the phones for only $70 each from amazon, I couldn't say no. They were listed as backordered and weren't supposed to ship until January 6th, but they arrived last Wednesday. I'm still trying to get used to the interface and there's a lot about the phone that I find frustrating (particularly the first day or two) but there are some things I like, including swype text input and the bluetooth connection to my car (not only will it make calls through the car's stereo system, but the car will also read text messages to me!) Most of the stuff I like is not phone-specific though (i.e. constant internet access, any bluetooth phone will connect with my car, and any full keyboard would be better than having to hit keys 1-3 times to bring up a single letter on our old phones).

There was also a major frustration with google voice that made absolutely no sense to me. We signed up for google voice numbers online when we got the phones. When you go in to configure the settings, it explicitly says that your google voice number will only appear on outgoing texts, NOT calls. I was thinking, what's the point? People can call us, but unless we give out both numbers we're going to show up as an unknown caller if we call anyone else's cell phone. It turns out that there's actually a 'secret' google voice app for android, that WILL configure your outgoing calls to display your google voice on caller ID. So why doesn't it say that on the google voice page???

On a totally unrelated note, I keep forgetting to post this awesome picture that I saw on Daily Squee - so here you go:

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