Sunday, January 09, 2011


Went to yoga class on Friday - it was the first $5 flow of the new year, and there were 31 people!! I guess yoga falls victim to the 'January crowding' phenomenon that strikes gyms. I hope people stick with it though! We ordered pizza for dinner from Papa Johns.

Saturday was my dentist appointment. Now, I wasn't having any trouble with this tooth, but there was a spot on the x-ray that, as it turns out, they had been 'watching' for over 5 years and finally thought it was time to do something about it. So I got a filling. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I came home and slept on the couch for about 4 hours - by then the novocaine had worn off and I was able to eat some soup. I still can't chew on that side of my mouth though :-/ M and I played two rounds of Through the Ages during/after dinner - I won both (one under the 'leadership' of Aristotle and one under Leonardo da Vinci).

Today was church, and then just hanging out this afternoon. I went to an afternoon yoga class and then to Starbucks with Donna. Had to keep my right shoulder in check, because I think I slept on it wrong sometime over the past day or two. I just made a jazzed-up cranberry bread for bible study tomorrow night: took a boxed Pillsbury mix, and added walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange zest. I didn't have any eggs so I used Just Whites that I had in the pantry (hope it turns out okay). It smells pretty darn good!

On another note, I found a website called Nutty Guys based on a Groupon. I ordered chocolate toffee almonds, butter toffee almonds, cashews, pistachios, boston baked beans, and dried dates. The butter toffee almonds were AWESOME. I'm interested in another order sometime (probably after we move) for more almonds, and maybe to try some other things - dried pineapple, apples, apricots, yogurt-covered cherries, and sunflower seeds all sound good!

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