Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yoga teacher training?

My yoga studio is offering yoga teacher training this year from June-October (8 weekends over 5 months plus 4 Wednesday night classes). It's something I've been interested in for a while, but I'm still trying to decide if now's the time or not. I could wait until next year, and do it either in Frederick or at the new Leesburg studio (Jan-Jun '12). For reference, Frederick training runs 8 weekends 6:30-9:30pm Friday, 8-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday plus 4 Wednesday night sessions from 6:30-9:30pm; Leesburg training runs 9 weekends 4-9pm Friday, 8-6pm Saturday, 8-4pm Sunday.

* Cost in Frederick is cheaper - $2100 versus $2750 for early registration. I am not sure that the Leesburg studio has the yoga class requirement that Frederick does, or if they include the cost of classes in the full price. But even assuming that Leesburg does, Frederick tuition + a 6-month studio membership is still cheaper than Leesburg.
* Getting to the Wednesday and Friday sessions is a 5 minute drive from my office, compared to a 45 minute drive to Leesburg during which I would stress the entire time about traffic or delays possibly making me late.
* I wouldn't have to adjust my work schedule to accommodate the weekday sessions in Frederick, whereas I'd have to leave between 2:45 and 3pm to get to Leesburg in time for the Friday sessions.
* I KNOW I love the teachers and yoga style in Frederick. I've never taken a class at the Leesburg studio; I might hate it there.
* Frederick training isn't as long - 172 total hours versus 207 hours in Leesburg.
* As of right now, all the required weekends are open on my calendar (see caveat below).

* I would have to commit financially before we move. There's still a fairly big unknown up ahead with selling the condo. I know we could afford it, but I still hesitate.
* Taking the training in Frederick means more driving - driving home afterward and getting home at 10pm on the Wednesday and Friday session dates, and leaving at 7am for the Saturday and Sunday dates.
* One of the training weekends is Aug 19-21, which means I'll be in class the weekend of my 30th birthday. Another of the training weekends is the same weekend as Beth Moore's event, although I have not committed to this yet.
* It does kind of mess up my planned yoga studio memberships. I bought a 3-month membership which ends right around the time we plan to move, March 21st. I had planned to use the 10-day 10-dollar new student special in Leesburg, and then get a 6-month membership in April. If I do training in Frederick, I would want to have a 6-month membership running from May-Oct, which leaves me with a month-long gap.

They sent out an e-mail tonight saying there are currently 6 spots left, so I should probably decide within the next week or two (early registration is March 15th). Thoughts?

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