Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two more carloads

We both drove over to the apartment today with cars full of stuff - mostly flat-packed furniture boxes, the rest of our books, some clothes, and a cooler full of Let's Dish meals from the freezer. We assembled the TV stand, the patio table, a closet cube shelf for my sweaters, four dining room chairs, and the vanity nightstand.

It might actually, finally, be starting to look a bit more sparse around here now...

Shower, finishing classwork/reading and then out for sushi with Jeff and Joni!

Friday, February 25, 2011


I added the blog Slacktivist to my 'Stuff I Read' sidebar. I've had it in my Google Reader for a few months, and there have been some amazingly well-thought articles published there. I shared two on Google Reader today and wanted to list them here as well:

Evangelicals and the Politics of Spite - Reflecting on an article published in Christianity Today about how budget cuts favored by evangelicals are exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached, and the (so obvious) solution to the deficit.

Expelling the Quakers from Plymouth - The real meaning of Religious Freedom.


We've had THIRTEEN boxes delivered in the past three days! Bed (3), headboard, dining set (4), patio table, nightstand, TV stand, closet cube organizer, and mirror. We are expecting three more on Monday (desk and two bookcases) and two others at an as-yet-disclosed date (foot bench and kitchen storage table). Only four bags went out to the trash tonight, and one was just regular trash. Both bookcases in the bedroom are mostly cleared; the next big thing to tackle is the storage closet in the spare room. And then the kitchen. I hate the kitchen, because there's a million little things that need to be packed. And then unpacked again.


According to Blog2Print, it would cost $253 to print my entire blog as a hardback 2-volume set. Who WOULDN'T want a 620-page tome of my musings and randomness over the past 6.25 years? The table of contents alone is 47 pages!! Sign me up!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not as sentimental as I thought

I just got back from putting my wedding dress on consignment - if it sells by April 22nd I get $100! (crosses fingers)

Turns out they will also consign furniture! And pick it up for you! So now we don't have to worry about trying to sell/donate/otherwise get rid of our extra stuff. Woohoo!

I put my 'snow day' to good use and packed up 6 boxes of books, four bags of clothes, about 1/3 of my shoes, and a few other miscellaneous things. I also did three loads of laundry and actually put the rest of my clothes away. We have six (!) bags of trash going out to the curb tonight. Whew!

T-minus 18 days!

(Also - hot dang, I have a lot of pants.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day Sale!

Pretty much done with all the furniture ordering today! I am loving all the president's day sales and coupon codes. We (I) ordered our new bedroom set (our current one is going into the guest bedroom) and a new TV stand from; M's computer desk, two bookcases and a storage table for the kitchen from Kmart; and patio furniture, a mirror, and closet organization stuff from Lowes. I have two more things to pick up from the Frederick Lowes store (with a different coupon), and I'll eventually have to pick out my own computer desk (plus two office chairs) and get a new microwave. And a mattress for the guest room. And once we're settled in the cats will finally get their kitty condo! T-minus 20 days!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

T-minus 23 days

Packed: DVDs and pictures.
Bought: Dining room set! I had originally thought we would move the crappy one we have and buy a set later, but JC Penney sent me an e-mail this morning about their President's Day sale and we got this for $479 with tax and shipping:

I'm hoping we can arrange to have it delivered on the 12th and just have the delivery guy put it right on the moving truck for us! Some sort of china storage will come later (Mom is supposed to bring me 'my' set at Easter!) but it'll be nice to actually have more than 2 people over for dinner without having to break out the card table...

Taking the first batch of stuff over on Saturday - DVDs/books, games, extra linens, knicknacks, folding chairs/table, probably a few minor appliances, weights, some clothes can all go over in advance, making it easier for us on the 12th.

Also, we need to get a new DVD rack. Max had peed on the carpet over by our DVD rack a while ago, and I had suspected (and confirmed tonight) that the particle board on the base absorbed moisture and swelled to twice its thickness on one side. It's a wonder the darn thing didn't tip over. The new one's coming out of Max's allowance!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


60 degrees on Thursday, 68 degrees on Friday!! And mostly sunny both days!! Hellllllooooo, sundresses!

Also, Matt was in the shower this morning and I came and said 'Going to the bathroom' and then immediately realized it would only be 25 more days until I didn't have to do THAT anymore! (So, an Almost Finally!) Although Matt told me I was free to announce my bathroom habits anyways, and then go to the other bathroom, if I still felt the need.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I'm excited about!

- A balcony! And eating dinner outside! And having an herb garden!
- A second bathroom! No more worries about synchronized schedules!
- Having room to put up a kitty condo!
- Having a guest bedroom with a real bed!
- Having an office! No more computer in the bedroom!
- Yoga studio only 1.5 miles away!
- W&OD Trail only 1.5 miles away!
- Let's Dish only 11 miles away!
- Nusbaums only 12 miles away!
- Sweetwater Tavern! And Olive Garden!
- Rock climbing gym!
- Finally having all my clothes organized!
- Having a nice dining room table in an actual dining room with room for 6!
- Facing a golf course instead of a parking lot!

27 days to go!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

We drove down to Fredericksburg to have lunch at Truluv's for Alyssa's birthday. Matt copied me and got the exact same lunch - crab bisque, french dip sandwich, and garlic french fries (which were AWESOME).

I was a little tired in the car (I think I went to bed too late last night), and I fell asleep watching Food Network after we got home - was watching an episode of Cupcake Wars and I fell asleep 5 minutes before the end, boo.

These butter toffee almonds are like crack. I can't stop eating them! I had gotten an 8oz bag the first time I ordered, and that lasted about 2 days. The second time I ordered, I got a full pound. They've lasted a little longer, but they're rapidly disappearing too. I tried the cinnamon toffee flavor too, and they were good, but I think the regular ones are better. I might have to order a case next time there's a Groupon, haha!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

41 days!!!

I got a 30% off coupon code, one day only. Naturally I had to jump on some of the awesome sundresses that Old Navy has in their spring line. I only ordered six...

Can't wait until it's warm enough to wear them!!

Update: Got them today! (Saturday) But the blue 3/4 sleeve one doesn't work for me. It just sort of hung funny, with no waist. That one's going back. But still, 5/6 isn't bad! And Matt really liked the bikini I ordered as well, hehe. So, I might be able to wear one next Friday (55 degrees), maybe with a cardigan and.or leggings?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Halfway gone and I'm on my way

It's February already. 44 days until spring! (And counting...) Cold and rainy all day today, bleh.

So, I am halfway through my 3-month yoga studio membership. I've gone to 27 classes so far, which works out to about 4x a week. So I'm definitely getting my money's worth! I plan on ramping it up to 5-6x a week for the rest of my membership.

I never posted an update to the post below, but I decided to wait until 2012 for teacher training. I'll still have to make the decision of Frederick vs. Leesburg, but I think I'll feel a lot less stressed about the cost once we don't have the condo, and I'll at least be able to eliminate one unknown of whether or not I like the Leesburg studio enough to train there. Hopefully I will also win a fitness award at work (1st place is $500!) and can apply that towards the cost of training. I am just hoping that there won't be any major conflicts with the dates next year, and I don't accidentally find myself with child before then.

(Side note - the word 'accidentally' is my new nemesis...I always want to end it with -ially)

I am making our appointment on Monday to go view an apartment on the 21st. As of 2 minutes ago there is still a 3BR unit open (I'd probably feel better if a second one opened up, but I'm trying not to worry too much about it). If it is still open (or another one comes up) and everything checks out when we visit, we'll probably sign the lease then.

My management class started a little over a week ago. LOTS of reading and online discussion assignments. In fact, I have one due today.  Besides that, I'll be filling my afternoon with laundry and making food for the Superbowl party tomorrow. Mmmmm cheesy dips...