Saturday, February 05, 2011

Halfway gone and I'm on my way

It's February already. 44 days until spring! (And counting...) Cold and rainy all day today, bleh.

So, I am halfway through my 3-month yoga studio membership. I've gone to 27 classes so far, which works out to about 4x a week. So I'm definitely getting my money's worth! I plan on ramping it up to 5-6x a week for the rest of my membership.

I never posted an update to the post below, but I decided to wait until 2012 for teacher training. I'll still have to make the decision of Frederick vs. Leesburg, but I think I'll feel a lot less stressed about the cost once we don't have the condo, and I'll at least be able to eliminate one unknown of whether or not I like the Leesburg studio enough to train there. Hopefully I will also win a fitness award at work (1st place is $500!) and can apply that towards the cost of training. I am just hoping that there won't be any major conflicts with the dates next year, and I don't accidentally find myself with child before then.

(Side note - the word 'accidentally' is my new nemesis...I always want to end it with -ially)

I am making our appointment on Monday to go view an apartment on the 21st. As of 2 minutes ago there is still a 3BR unit open (I'd probably feel better if a second one opened up, but I'm trying not to worry too much about it). If it is still open (or another one comes up) and everything checks out when we visit, we'll probably sign the lease then.

My management class started a little over a week ago. LOTS of reading and online discussion assignments. In fact, I have one due today.  Besides that, I'll be filling my afternoon with laundry and making food for the Superbowl party tomorrow. Mmmmm cheesy dips...

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