Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not as sentimental as I thought

I just got back from putting my wedding dress on consignment - if it sells by April 22nd I get $100! (crosses fingers)

Turns out they will also consign furniture! And pick it up for you! So now we don't have to worry about trying to sell/donate/otherwise get rid of our extra stuff. Woohoo!

I put my 'snow day' to good use and packed up 6 boxes of books, four bags of clothes, about 1/3 of my shoes, and a few other miscellaneous things. I also did three loads of laundry and actually put the rest of my clothes away. We have six (!) bags of trash going out to the curb tonight. Whew!

T-minus 18 days!

(Also - hot dang, I have a lot of pants.)


Eric said...

It's amazing how much stuff you decide is trash, when packing up to move. It makes you wonder why you had so much crap in the first place! Then, shortly after you get settled into your new home, the junk starts to pile up again.

Courtney said...

It really is terrible. Why did I need to save 8 binders worth of grad school notes?? But while I realize I don't want to pack and move 8 empty binders, I know at some point I'm going to need an empty binder, and I'm going to have to go buy a new one.

I have noticed that a lot of stuff going out the door are things other people have given us...

Speaking of giving, I also, um, found the Christmas present I was supposed to give you guys last year.