Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

We drove down to Fredericksburg to have lunch at Truluv's for Alyssa's birthday. Matt copied me and got the exact same lunch - crab bisque, french dip sandwich, and garlic french fries (which were AWESOME).

I was a little tired in the car (I think I went to bed too late last night), and I fell asleep watching Food Network after we got home - was watching an episode of Cupcake Wars and I fell asleep 5 minutes before the end, boo.

These butter toffee almonds are like crack. I can't stop eating them! I had gotten an 8oz bag the first time I ordered, and that lasted about 2 days. The second time I ordered, I got a full pound. They've lasted a little longer, but they're rapidly disappearing too. I tried the cinnamon toffee flavor too, and they were good, but I think the regular ones are better. I might have to order a case next time there's a Groupon, haha!

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