Friday, February 25, 2011


I added the blog Slacktivist to my 'Stuff I Read' sidebar. I've had it in my Google Reader for a few months, and there have been some amazingly well-thought articles published there. I shared two on Google Reader today and wanted to list them here as well:

Evangelicals and the Politics of Spite - Reflecting on an article published in Christianity Today about how budget cuts favored by evangelicals are exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached, and the (so obvious) solution to the deficit.

Expelling the Quakers from Plymouth - The real meaning of Religious Freedom.


We've had THIRTEEN boxes delivered in the past three days! Bed (3), headboard, dining set (4), patio table, nightstand, TV stand, closet cube organizer, and mirror. We are expecting three more on Monday (desk and two bookcases) and two others at an as-yet-disclosed date (foot bench and kitchen storage table). Only four bags went out to the trash tonight, and one was just regular trash. Both bookcases in the bedroom are mostly cleared; the next big thing to tackle is the storage closet in the spare room. And then the kitchen. I hate the kitchen, because there's a million little things that need to be packed. And then unpacked again.


According to Blog2Print, it would cost $253 to print my entire blog as a hardback 2-volume set. Who WOULDN'T want a 620-page tome of my musings and randomness over the past 6.25 years? The table of contents alone is 47 pages!! Sign me up!

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