Thursday, February 17, 2011

T-minus 23 days

Packed: DVDs and pictures.
Bought: Dining room set! I had originally thought we would move the crappy one we have and buy a set later, but JC Penney sent me an e-mail this morning about their President's Day sale and we got this for $479 with tax and shipping:

I'm hoping we can arrange to have it delivered on the 12th and just have the delivery guy put it right on the moving truck for us! Some sort of china storage will come later (Mom is supposed to bring me 'my' set at Easter!) but it'll be nice to actually have more than 2 people over for dinner without having to break out the card table...

Taking the first batch of stuff over on Saturday - DVDs/books, games, extra linens, knicknacks, folding chairs/table, probably a few minor appliances, weights, some clothes can all go over in advance, making it easier for us on the 12th.

Also, we need to get a new DVD rack. Max had peed on the carpet over by our DVD rack a while ago, and I had suspected (and confirmed tonight) that the particle board on the base absorbed moisture and swelled to twice its thickness on one side. It's a wonder the darn thing didn't tip over. The new one's coming out of Max's allowance!

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