Thursday, March 03, 2011

Another day off

I kind of feel bad that in the past two weeks I'll only have been at work for 5 days (Holiday, snow day, worked, sick day, worked; worked, worked, sick day, sick day, worked).

I did decide to stay at home another day today because I wasn't feeling back to normal. Still a little bit of a fever this morning (not as bad as yesterday, and it's gone now) and I was still tired and achy. I slept until about 9:45 and took a nap from 1-2:30, both of which helped a lot. I have a little bit of a headache now but I'm guessing that's from my lack of caffeine since Monday.

Besides watching Food Network, I did put a little of my time to good use and filed our taxes. I was expecting to owe a little bit but surprisingly, we ended up with a $455 federal refund. I suspect this had to do with the $800 'Making Work Pay' credit that I don't think I accounted for when we did our estimated tax worksheets last year. I totally nailed it on the state taxes though - $19 refund! Our federal return has even already been accepted (I love e-file).

So between the refund and the extra $330 in our 'taxes' savings account, that will more than cover our new bedroom furniture. The last piece of that was delivered from amazon today (footboard cubby bench) as well as our new comforter from Target. All of the old stuff (except our tempurpedic mattress!) is going into the new guest bedroom.

This is our new bedroom stuff (just the bed parts; we didn't get the dressers):

I did get a taller nightstand that has a shelf above the two drawers, but I will be using it as a vanity table with a silver rectangular mirror on the wall above it (from Lowe's). It doesn't make sense to put it where they have it in this picture, because you won't be able to open the third underbed drawer. We ended up getting this comforter (I really loved this one but I couldn't talk M into it). We will probably go with light blue in our bathroom; M wants a Hokie theme in the hall bathroom and I'm trying to figure out how to pull it together without it being overwhelming - or overly expensive, because college-branded merchandise is freaking expensive! So far I'm springing for $16 VT-logo shower hooks, but I refuse to spend $45-65 on a matching shower curtain. I actually like this one from Kmart instead - it has the orange tone but pulls in a few other subtle colors to soften it a bit (and it's only $12!)

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