Monday, March 07, 2011


We ordered two desks (M's computer desk and a folding desk that we actually planned to use in the kitchen to hold the microwave etc) and two bookcases from We got M's desk and the bookcases a week ago, and took them out to the apartment on Saturday to assemble. It turned out that the top of the desk was cracked (!?!) I called a local Kmart to see if they had one in stock that we could exchange, but they said it's an online-only item and we'd have to call customer service. M assembled the bookcases while he was there.

So I called customer service Saturday afternoon and explained the situation. She processes the return, and asks if I wanted a replacement or a refund. I explain that I only want a replacement if she can guarantee that it would be here by Thursday. She says she can't guarantee it (note: totally offers expedited 2-day and overnight shipping...) so I tell her to do a refund instead. UPS is supposed to pick up the return tomorrow or Wednesday.

Then today, I realize that while our delivery estimate on the order was 3/4-3/8, I don't even have a shipping confirmation or tracking number for the other desk. I popped a quick e-mail to customer service to find out the status of the item, and they e-mail me back a few hours later: "I apologize for the delay you've experienced. I would like to inform you that it takes up to 28 business days for the item to get processed."

28 business days?? That's nearly 6 weeks!! Here I thought three weeks would be plenty of time, especially when I was expecting to have all my items at least 4 days before the move. So I had to call customer service again and tell them to cancel the item, since apparently it might not ship until APRIL. (It does say online that the item is in stock and available for ground shipping, so I don't even know what the problem is).

I also told them to cancel my free trial of their Shipvantage service (which I guess wants to be like Amazon Prime, but based on the service I got I wouldn't pay a dime for it, much less $79). After the return and the cancellation, they got $187 less from me. And I don't plan on ordering anything else from again.

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