Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does anything rhyme with Thursday?

Matt and I both worked from home today, so we could go over to the DMV at around 10:30. My thinking was that 10:30 was late enough in the morning that the people who went before work had already finished up, but before people who were coming on their lunch break started to trickle in. Lo and behold, I was right - we went right up to the document checker and got numbers, which were immediately called. But it was not to be that easy, oh no.

DMV: Have you had a Virginia drivers license previously?
Me: Not since 2003.
DMV: And you've been married since then...
Me: Yes.
DMV: You're still showing up in our system under your maiden name, and I need to see proof of a legal name change in order to process you.

Funny, I thought I did that EIGHT YEARS AGO when I legally changed my name in Maryland. I was very annoyed, because a) I had to go back to the apartment to get our marriage certificate, and b) I had carefully researched the documents we needed (and even filled out the forms ahead of time) and it said you only needed a marriage certificate if you were changing your name. Which I did, EIGHT YEARS AGO.

And I was also annoyed because c) by the time I got back, it was after 11 and I had to wait another 15-20 minutes for my new number to be called. Because the lunch crowd had started to show up, exactly as I had predicted.

Side note: When I got to the waiting area, some guy hit on me. He said "You can sit next to me if you want!" but I must have had a soul-withering look on my face because he immediately followed it up by saying "I was just kidding..."

So we finally got both of our drivers license applications in, and I did both of the car titles and registrations (they couldn't process M's until I did my drivers license). I will have AGTHORN Virginia plates shortly! All that's left is to pay personal property taxes and get county stickers, and then I think we are done with everything documentation-wise.

I finished work, unpacked a few more things, and then went to yoga. I LOVE that the studio is only 5 minutes away instead of half an hour. When I got home, we hung shelves/rods in the bedroom closet so I can finish putting all my clothes away. Had dinner and a bottle of chardonnay in honor of Julie's 21st birthday (!)

Work tomorrow, and then we are back in Gaithersburg on Saturday for the carpet measurement. We'll be doing some cleaning in the kitchen/bathroom too, and Matt is going to take our old license plates back to the MVA and return a few things to Lowe's (I bought too many closet shelves). Sunday we *don't*have*to*go*to*Gaithersburg*!!

I finally ordered a desk for the office - it's just a small one, but it was only $35 and all I have is a laptop so I'm pretty sure it'll work for me:
If not, well, it was only $35... I also decided to order a new Jade Harmony yoga mat, since my old one was starting to pill and leave little pieces on me occasionally. Both should be here on Tuesday!


Mark said...

I love any story about the DMV. Hilariously painful. :)

Courtney said...

I guess I should just be glad it was only two trips instead of FOUR when I got my Maryland license in 2003...