Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final stats

Speaking of $ per X, I finished my 3-month membership pass to Sol Yoga yesterday. I took exactly 50 classes. Not bad, despite the fact that I missed at least five classes over two weeks because of being sick etc. After subtracting out the $5 classes, I ended up with an average of $6.20 for the rest. Pretty awesome.

I took my first class at Flow Yoga in Leesburg tonight on the 10-day-10-dollar new student special pass. I really liked it! Assuming the rest of the teachers/classes are as good, I'll definitely be getting a membership in April.

I started my herbs tonight! Very excited about this - I hope they grow!!

Excellent article: This is Why You Can't Make Money in the Stock Market. Hint - it's not the market, it's you. I left a comment about risk - they have a guy quoted at the beginning that moved into cash after the market drop in 2008, and is just now getting back into stocks after nearly a 100% increase from market lows. But the other kicker is that he's 48, and despite being a self-described "skittish investor" he bought back in at 85% stocks. Ugh.

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