Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New desk!

The entire time we've been married, M has always had a desk. I never had that much of a need of one in grad school (can't do lab work from home) and basically wrote my thesis on the couch when I wasn't in my Hopkins office. I can count on maybe one hand, definitely two, the number of times I've worked from home in my tech transfer career - which was really too bad since I can do at least 80% of the work from pretty much anywhere (a blessing and a curse?)

Well, I'm in the process of getting a teleworking agreement approved so I can work from home on Fridays. No more snow days for me, but I think it's a pretty good trade-off to get an extra 1.5 hours each week of not commuting. Plus I'll be able to have lunch with M.

Point being, I was finally in need of a regular desk. I got my office chair cheap when we were at Office Depot (discontinued, bought the floor model for $49) but it languished in the corner for the past few weeks. So I ordered a small one (only $35!) and it was delivered today. We put it together tonight, and I am writing this post from the new desk! It's not huge like M's corner piece, but on the other hand I could drag it back into the office single-handedly. I think it'll work just fine.

We also finally have a shelf and an extra towel bar in the master bathroom, hooray! On to curtain rods next...

We also had one box of our Groupon wine order (6 bottles - two chenin blancs, a chardonnay, a monastrell, a carménère, and a syrah) arrive today (M went and picked it up) and I ordered a Jade Harmony yoga mat that came yesterday. I was looking at the yogitoes mat towel (because the new studio keeps the temp at 85-90 degrees and I actually sweat), but it was just as expensive as a new mat - and since mine was starting to pit a little anyways, I decided to look at the Jade. It normally retails for $65 but I got it for $44, woo! I took the ashtanga class today with the new mat - it's way grippier than the old one! I also didn't really mind the rubber smell - some people said it was so overwhelming that after 2 or 3 weeks it was still giving them headaches. I left it unrolled overnight to air out a bit last night, and it was in my car all day, but I didn't think it was that bad by the time 6pm rolled around. I could notice it but it certainly wasn't offensive or anything (I actually thought it smelled a little fruity, even). The color is a lot darker than I had expected though - I ordered in 'orchid' and it looks like a medium pink/fuchsia online but it's a actually very deep reddish plum color. I'm happy with it though.

We have the carpet installation on Friday (royal we, meaning I), going to Let's Dish Saturday morning and then to KG for mom's birthday dinner Saturday afternoon, and meeting with Eunice to finalize putting our condo on the market on Sunday. And then it's a short week because we go to Boston for Steve's wedding next weekend! Jim's birthday dinner the weekend after that (massive quantities of meat), then Easter, then Bauers, then the Frederick 5K, then Emily and trip to the Melting Pot for Carly's birthday! Whew!


EmilyG said...

Hooray visit from Emily!

Courtney said...

Definitely hooray!! I can't wait to see you. Well, that and the chocolate fondue... :-D

ccnusbaum said...

Triple Hooray, man I can't wait to see you. It's been forever!

And the MP is cool, too ;-) hehehe.