Friday, March 11, 2011

OMG we're moving TOMORROW

Technically it IS Friday...though I still have to go to bed first (two 'sleeps' and one 'work' left!)

M took the cats, litter box, TV, computer, and PS3 to the apartment tonight. I stayed home and packed up the linen closet (5 big bags plus the two sleeping bags), a big box of stuff from the living room, a box of my shoes, and about 5 more boxes from the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I will still need three four five more boxes to finish that off.

Other than that, it's basically just clothes and random stuff - extension cords, slippers, stuff in the bathroom. We always end up with two or three boxes of random stuff that just gets thrown together at the last minute. I know this because I actually UNPACKED one from the last move and sorted through it about three weeks ago...

I have also found approximately 4,000 pens while packing and cleaning.

Okay off to bed. Peace out homies - next time I blog, I'll be a Virginian.

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