Sunday, March 27, 2011


Watching Iron Chef - Battle Prosciutto. Mmmmmmm. What I wouldn't give to be a judge on that episode! It turns out there is a highly-recommended wood-fired pizza place in downtown Leesburg that offers prosciutto as a pizza topping - I'm thinking totally yum with spinach and mushrooms.

Took an ashtanga class today, by accident. I was signed up for Flow 2, but there was a substitute teacher who usually teaches the ashtanga classes, and she led the ashtanga sequence instead of a regular flow class. It was tough, and I had to do a lot of modifications, but I made it through. I told her afterward that it was my first ashtanga class, and she laughed and said "Is it going to be your last?" and I laughed and said I didn't think so. I had planned on trying it anyways but I was kind of nervous about the intensity level so maybe it's a good thing that I just got thrown into it, as it were.

We had our carpet measurement on Saturday, and I think they're supposed to call tomorrow to schedule the installation. I am hoping it can be done on Thursday. We are due to meet with our real estate agent on Sunday to submit all the paperwork and do listing photos!

Planning on 3-4 more yoga classes this week. None Friday, because I didn't like the Friday evening class, and none Saturday because I have my Ashburn Let's Dish appointment and then birthday dinner for mom. New 6-month membership should start on Sunday, and I'm super excited because there's a yin class Sunday after Flow 2!

I have my first seedling poking through (oregano)!! Planting lettuce sometime this week, after it stops freezing at night (Tuesday or Wednesday?) Tomatoes probably won't be for a few more weeks yet.

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