Saturday, March 05, 2011

T-minus 7 days

Holy crap, we're moving in a week. I still have so much to do!! Got about 75% of my clothes packed tonight (four boxes and two bags) plus some random stuff in the living room (vases and silk flowers - another box and bag) and the random things of Christmas stuff we've accumulated over the years. Three more bags of trash going out tonight, and both of my donate piles are getting precariously high.

Still haven't touched the kitchen. At the rate I'm going, I'll be packing it at 1am next Saturday...

Better get to bed soon; have a busy weekend planned! Making another 2-car apartment run in the morning, then I have to leave Leesburg by noon to get to my 1pm yoga workshop. Back here around 3:30pm to run a few quick errands, finish class assignments, and get ready for dinner at 7pm. NOT at Buca (sniff) - I thought I made an online reservation a few days ago but apparently they sent me an e-mail, which I only saw at about 9pm tonight because it went to my spam folder, that they were completely booked for Saturday. Commence last minute scramble to get in touch with Fed and figure out a new game plan, which turned out to be Ziki's at the same time. I guess it's better than showing up at the restaurant and finding out we had no reservation.

Sunday is our last day at MHBC, afternoon yoga with MG and L, and then the night I've been waiting for - Chopped All Stars!! I actually wrote to Food Network over a year ago and suggested that they have Food Network celebrities compete on Chopped. I don't know if I was the specific catalyst for the 5-episode series, but I am beyond thrilled that they're doing it!!

(Update at 2am - I was so tired an hour ago, and now I can't sleep at all...)

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