Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yoga membership!

So my 10-day $10 new student special is up. I did go to a class every day for 10 days! Six Flow 1 classes (all awesome), one power hour (meh), two Flow 2 classes (one was the ashtanga series with a sub, and the other was just okay) and one actual ashtanga class (also awesome). Now I have a 6-month membership!!

My general plan is Monday - Flow 1 with Kelli; Wednesday - Ashtanga with Elaine; Tuesday/Thursday - Flow 1 with Coleen; Saturday - Flow 1 with Tori; Sunday - Flow 2 with Billy. The Flow 1 classes are plenty challenging for me (I've actually been a little surprised at how much my practice has improved in less than 2 weeks). Coleen also teaches a yin yoga class about twice a month on Sundays after the Flow 2 class that I have been eagerly anticipating since we decided to move to Leesburg and I found Flow Yoga online. That should be almost 170 classes, give or take a few...I'm sure I'll miss a couple but I might double up once or twice (there's a deep stretch class Thursday nights after Flow 1 that I might give a try at some point) which works out to about $3 a class. I love it!

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