Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awesome blossom

Having a fabulous couple of days!

Thursday - dinner with Carly and Eric (Easter leftovers) and a game of Pirate Munchkin.

Friday - First official telecommuting day! Worked from home, got Noodles takeout for lunch (chili mac!) and went to Dulles Town Center after work. Returned two items to Old Navy, bought two others and came out $10 ahead. Met Phil and Lisa for dinner at PF Changs.

Saturday - The Bauers finally made it up to see us! Even though their GPS inexplicably told them to take 95 to the beltway...oof. We went to lunch with Chris and Victoria (cruise reunion!) at Fireworks Pizza. We decided to go to Quattro Goombas Winery for a little while in the afternoon because it was so nice outside. $5 tastings, and then we bought a bottle of Pinot Noir to drink outside and listen to the guitarist they had there. We came back to our place, played a few rounds of Blokus (Derrick won) and a game of Pandemic (we all died). Finally, we went to dinner at Sweetwater Tavern (Saturday = lobster bisque!!)

Tomorrow I'm checking out the contemporary service at church (the traditional service was a wee bit too traditional) and then we're taking the bikes out on the W&OD trail for the first time. Then we're going to dinner with Adam and Kristen (and finally meeting Connor!) at the Blue Ridge Grill :-)

Back to yoga class on Monday - been super sweaty the last few days, but sooo good!

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