Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting down on Friday

Eh, not really. Matt's at a LAN party or something else sufficiently nerdy, and I have to finish a draft of a class paper tonight. But I totally just finished nomming on some yummy clams - couple minutes in the steamer basket, a little melted butter, delish.

I had a lousy day on Wednesday. It wasn't even 11am and I was saying to Matt "I should really just go home, go back to bed, and try again tomorrow." The high points were ashtanga yoga and chili mac from Noodles. Oh, and we bought a mattress for the guest room. But in contrast, Thursday was awesome. Great weather, productive work day, bonus at work (woohoo!), blasting music in the car on the drive home, great yoga class.

I ran a few errands after work today - deposited some checks from refunds/rebates, got a little storage drawer for my K-cups (I wanted the drawer instead of the stands, because the Keurig sits on top of the drawer and it doesn't take up any extra counter space), went to the grocery store. I really think Bloom has a contract with a plastic bag manufacturer or something (I forgot my reusable bags). I bought 17 items (and one doesn't count, because it was the huge bag of cat litter) and ended up with 11 bags. This is why I prefer to bag my own groceries...

I am hosting my first Holiday dinner next Sunday for Easter! Menu: ham, kielbasa, pierogies, lokshyna (noodle pudding with bacon), mizeria (cucumbers in sour cream), roasted asparagus, hard boiled eggs, kremowka (cream cake). Getting the first three from the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville, and making everything else!

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