Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring weekend!

M and I went to Let's Dish in Ashburn Saturday morning (I like when we go together!) We made four dishes, and I also got two free sides, free cookies and free scones with the deal I had signed up with. Got some lunch at Fuddruckers (we had tried to go once in Gaithersburg but it has apparently closed) and then headed down to KG for mom's birthday. We went to dinner at a seafood place in Tappahannock called Lowery's. We had to wait out a hail storm to leave though! Drove home and then watched 'Salt' - it was okay, I guess.

Sunday, my clock happened to set itself an hour forward? I think it might have reset itself to the old daylight savings time settings, since it was actually unplugged on new daylight savings time. I set the alarm for 9:30am and then had hit snooze twice and then got up. When I was coming out of the bathroom, Matt said "I thought you set the alarm for 9:30?" I said "Yeah, and then I hit snooze twice." He said "It's 8:53..." I had to check my phone to make sure he wasn't pulling my leg, but I did get to go back to bed for a while!

We went over to the condo in the early afternoon to clean the windows and get all the paperwork done to put it on the market. It should officially list on Friday! I hope it sells quickly. Afterwards, I came back to go to yoga classes, and Matt went to BB&B to buy me a Keruig (yay!) on the way to the gym. We went to dinner with Mike, Tina, Jeff and Amber at Fireworks Pizza - I had a house salad, a 'create your own' pizza with prosciutto, mushrooms and spinach, and got chocolate chip cannolis to go :-)

I registered my Keurig online and got a code for 'buy two K-cup packs, get two free' plus 10% off plus free shipping. Got two each of two different flavored variety packs (total of 88 K-cups!) for less than $28, woohoo!

Short work week this week, and then off to Boston for Steve's wedding!


Anonymous said...

Never been to Lowery's, but when I was a kid in Westminster, MD, my doctor swore by it. He'd travel down there frequently for their food.


Courtney said...

It was pretty good. I don't think so good that I'd drive from Westminster for it, but we all had a good time and a good meal.