Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is sirius business

I got a 6-month trial subscription to Sirius satellite radio with my new Focus last year. I never understood why people would pay for radio when there was free radio to be had, until I actually had satellite radio. I now get very annoyed the few times I listen to regular radio and commercials come on, and when I had WTOP on in my car a couple weeks ago during all the thunderstorms/tornadoes and it started to get staticky, I was rather confused. Matt even liked it so much that he activated his own XM radio service even though he's had the Cavalier for almost 7 years without it.

The trial subscription ends on May 28th, and I started getting reminder notices about two months ago (I think I got the first one right before we moved). I had wanted to do the a la carte service (up to 50 channels for only $6.99/month) but it turned out that there are only a few specific radios that have that capability. So I figured that the 'Mostly Music' package was my next best bet, for $9.99/month.

The only trouble was, I couldn't figure out how to actually subscribe to it. Because the trial subscription was one of their deluxe packages (for $13-17/month) that's what came up when I clicked on 'extend my subscription' - I tried six ways to Sunday to try to subscribe to the Mostly Music package, and it would never show up in the product list. It only offered me the deluxe packages and the 'family friendly' package, and only on 1, 2, or 3 year subscriptions.

I finally gave up and e-mailed customer service about the problem.

LITERALLY minutes after that, before I even got a confirmatory "Thank you for contacting customer service, someone will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours" e-mail, the Mostly Music monthly billing option magically appears in the product list.


So I'm subscribed. And somewhere, some CSR at SiriusXM thinks I'm a moron.

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