Saturday, June 04, 2011


This year is going crazy fast. Also, we're going to the beach NEXT MONTH!!

Second month of yoga stats: From May 3 to June 2, I went to 20 yoga classes; average cost of $4.17 per class. 38 classes so far!

My workout schedule has gotten crazy busy. Monday - Flow 1 yoga; Tuesday - Flow 2 yoga, Wednesday - studio run + deep stretch yoga in the AM, ashtanga yoga after work, followed by lifting at the gym with M (arms and back); Thursday - kickboxing class; Friday - bike cardio followed by lifting with M (chest, shoulders, abs). Weekends kind of get mixed up because of travel or doing things outside, but I've generally been doing kickboxing on Saturday and yoga on Sunday when I can. In all, it works out to almost 10.5 hours a week in the gym or the yoga studio! And yet somehow I haven't lost any weight in two weeks...

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