Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday

We went to the annual Murder Mystery party at the Nusbaums last night - I ended up being the jewel thief, Eric was the murderer, Matt won best actor. We stayed until nearly 2:30am karaokeing (and I was soo happy we only had to drive 20 minutes home on Rt. 7 instead of an hour on Georgetown Pike!!)

Skipped church and yoga this morning (I could have made it to yoga, since I got up at 10:45, but I was pretty worn out and a little sore from yesterday). We went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch, and then a quick stop at Home Depot to get a wire cage for my tomato plant before heading over to our first trip to the Leesburg Outlets. Matt needed new pants, so we got him two pairs of jeans and a couple polo shirts from Gap and a pair of khakis from Eddie Bauer. We looked in the Old Navy store but they didn't have anything in his size and I didn't see anything I really wanted with my half-price groupon.

We haven't done much else since we got back...though we should probably do some cleaning since C&E&C will be here in a couple hours for dinner and game night!

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