Sunday, June 12, 2011

More rejuvinated

Another weekend in the books! I was too drained to go to kickboxing on Thursday, so I skipped and went to the grocery store instead. Friday was the usual working from home day; we ate leftover Pei Wei instead of going out to lunch. Went to the gym afterwards, and I felt good after biking/lifting this time. I wonder if my Wednesday schedule is just too much for me? Well there are only two more yoga studio runs so I'm gonna try to stick with it. I made some pretty sweet tuscan stuffed portobello mushrooms (spinach, garlic, sundried tomatoes, italian herb blend, 6-cheese mix) as a side dish with dinner.

Saturday we went to Let's Dish to make food, and I had leftover pasta from Friday night before I went to the full Ashtanga practice. We did the entire 90-minute primary sequence, plus threw in a few poses from the secondary sequence for fun. I made a beef and bok choy stirfry (from SCRATCH) and we watched Unstoppable, which turned out to be a surprisingly good movie. We played some Little Big Planet before going to bed.

Today was church, then lunch at Noodles. (Side story: We were sitting inside eating, and we heard a crash at the front of the building. I turned to look and saw a deer tearing off frantically down the sidewalk. Apparently he had crashed into (but not through, fortunately) the glass at the front of the store. Crazy!) I went to a restorative yoga practice in the afternoon (ahhh) and then we headed over to Carly and Eric's for some Power Grid and Don Pablos. I told Carly that Power Grid is pretty much the only game I ever win, and I was right (though it was *really* close).

Back to the regular work week schedule tomorrow. Yoga classes, lifting, kickboxing...murder mystery party at C&E's on Saturday and then dinner (bacon noodle casserole!!) and Pandemic with them here on Sunday :-)


ccnusbaum said...

I am excited for pandemic. Then I will finally be 'in the know.'

Courtney said...

Except we probably won't "live" to tell the tale... :-)