Saturday, July 09, 2011

OBX is soooo close...

Sorry, I got a little distracted there for a while :-) Buy hey, July!!

In just under exactly two weeks, we'll be in the Outer Banks!!

We're still hoping for a July 22nd close on the condo. We did the individual FHA certification for our unit, but the buyer ended up having some trouble getting a lender to accept it. In the meantime we fretted (probably unnecessarily) about our appraisal after we learned that a) a unit in our building closed in a short sale at $120K and b) another unit in our neighborhood, priced at $170K, initially appraised for only $135K. Turns out that they contested that appraisal, and waited until another unit sold for $153K, to have theirs appraised. It just closed at the list price, so now we have two decent comps going forward for ours. Just hoping that the buyer's financing gets put together quickly and we can move forward as originally planned. I did sell ETFs/mutual funds to cover the rest of our closing costs, because we need enough time for trades to clear, and then move the money from ING to BoA, and then actually go and get a cashier's check for closing.

June 3rd-July 2nd: 18 yoga classes; average cost of $4.63 per class and a running total of 56 classes on the first half of my current pass.

What else, what else. I started BodyCombat (cardio kickboxing) classes back in mid-May. Have really enjoyed going to those, and it's a GREAT calorie burn (550-600 cals average for a 1-hour class). Have been adding in some interval training on the elliptical machine. Loving the full ashtanga primary practice that Flow has been doing once or twice a month.

**Matt reminded me that I had forgotten the 100 pushups and 200 situps training plans. I'm already done with week one! I might try the pullups and squats plans after I'm done with the pushups and situps plans.**


We went to Coastal Flats last night (first time for me and M). I was so excited that they have the same lobster bisque as Sweetwater, but EVERY NIGHT. Yum! I also got a pretty tasty lobster roll. Not the same as the Cabby Shack up in MA, but still decent. We watched Clash of the Titans with Jim after dinner. I slept in today and then went to yoga. Playing tennis with C&E tomorrow afternoon, and then Emily's coming over for thai food takeout and maybe a bit of mild debauchery? Em's also coming to yoga class with me Monday night! Tuesday I'm going to The (new) Melting Pot with Carly - yummm.

Got some chai chilling in the freezer that's probably ready, and maybe some TV.


Matt Silverthorn said...

You forgot the sit-ups and push-ups.

Courtney said...

Oh right!