Friday, September 23, 2011


No hiking tomorrow because of the rain, bleh.

Working out is going better - I've completed the first two weeks of the lifting program (the 15-rep sets). Lunges were way better this time. I think the first time, my legs and glutes were like "what the hell are you doing to us??" This time I expect a little soreness, but nothing like last week. I also flip-flopped the workouts back to the original A-B so that I'm doing the squat workout the day before running. I need to add a weight to the exercise ball crunches though (either a plate or a medicine ball) because they're far too easy for my yoga-fied abs.

Running is going well too - rain has held off both times I've planned to run outside so far. Distance is gonna start adding up though...long run is 4 miles next week!

I laughed as M and I were leaving the gym tonight, because we were "reversed" - he spent his time working out on the elliptical, while I lifted weights and then chugged a protein shake :-)

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