Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And we're off!

15K training started Sunday! It's all 2-mile runs for the first differentiation between short, medium, and long. They won't be fully differentiated until the third week (3, 2 and 3 during week 2).

New Rules of Lifting for Women started today! I did the B workout of stage 1 - deadlifts, shoulder press, lat pulldown, lunges, and ab crunch. Lunges = yucky and my butt is going to be way sore tomorrow. I did feel awkward initially being the only girl in the weight lifting area all by myself, but I just ignored everyone else (headphones help). They did not all ignore me though!

More running tomorrow, more lifting Friday. Then dinner/game night with C&E, and LBD on Saturday!! Running, new church, and yoga book club Sunday!

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