Thursday, September 01, 2011


Wow, August just totally flew by! This is just a quick post because I hate the thought of being "lapped" in my blog, haha. It was a busy month though! Poker night at the Nusbaums (where I was embarrassingly the first one out, and M and E ended up splitting the final pot), Robyn and Derrick's birthday party, dinner and movie with M ('Crazy Stupid Love'), dinner with Jim et al, 30th birthday (and yet people still mistake me for my early 20s), dinner at the Kennedy Center, 'Wicked' (AWESOME!!), winery trip with C&E, birthday dinner at Don Pablos, game night with the Bradneys, NOT CLOSING ON THE CONDO (frowny face), dinner with Jim and Phil. Whew!

Supposed to ACTUALLY be closing on the condo tomorrow at noon. Off to WV for labor day weekend after that!

Will go ahead and post my yoga update since I don't go to class again until the 6th. August 3rd-September 2nd = 22 yoga classes, average cost of $3.79 per class and 92 classes total on this pass. New cost per class record! Only one more month to go on this pass, and then I have my (FREE) 10 class Living Social pass, which ought to get me at least 3 weeks into October before I have to buy a new 6 month pass.

College football starts this weekend!

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