Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We did it!!


Woohoo! We've put nearly $3500 into our house down-payment fund since then (had suspended contributions back in November so we could stockpile cash for our sale closing costs). I tried to update the ticker today but it keeps defaulting to 'ticker style' instead of 'update data' so whatevs. I am really super excited to get this back on track though. Decided to hold off on the new bikes for a few more months in hopes of a good end of the year sale.

We think we might look into building a house when the time comes, instead of buying one. Will have to do some more investigation about how this process actually works.

And after the condo closing, we went to West Virginia for labor day weekend! Had a great weekend with the Griffiths - fun and noisy. Went hiking at Cooper's Rock and out to dinner in Morgantown, and watched a lot of college football. Played a game of Puerto Rico Sunday night - I won!

Cabining (and caverning) with the Nusbaums this weekend, and then I start my fall workout schedule with running and lifting!


EmilyG said...

Noisy? At our house? Whaaat? I don't believe you.

Courtney said...

Our cats are soooo much quieter than your dogs... ;-)