Sunday, October 30, 2011

I work out

(I think that LMFAO's song "Sexy and I Know It" is ludicrous and I giggle every time I hear it.)

So, 17 workout days (counting today) before we leave for the cruise. This week, I'm running 3x for 13 miles total, plus 6 yoga classes, plus two lifting sessions. Next week I'll be running 3x for 10 miles total (every 4th week is a lighter run week), plus 7 yoga classes, plus two lifting sessions. Last three days before we leave are two runs for 8 miles total and 3 yoga classes.

On the cruise I have 4 runs planned for a total of 18 miles, and then my peak distance 8 mile run the day we get back. Haven't decided if I'll try to lift on the cruise or not. It does seem from a quick search that there should at least be weight machines in the gym, if not free weights, so maybe I'll just improvise as best I can to get my two sessions in.

By the time we leave for the cruise I should have completed the 25 Day Yoga Challenge, logged 31 more miles, and be at the 3 sets of 8 stage of NROLW. By the time I log the peak run the day after the cruise, I'll have less than 125 miles to go for the Nike+ 500 club! I am trying to get my T-shirt before my next birthday :-) I should also be able to get to the blue level on Nike+ (1000km, or about 620 miles) before the end of next year!

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