Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yoga pass - final stats

Posting this a little early, because my last class for the current pass is Thursday. But...

On the regular last month of the pass (Sept 3-Oct 3) I went to 16 classes, for a cost of $5.21 per class. I then got my complimentary 1-week extension from being on vacation in July, and a few other random classes added for canceled classes etc. That got me to the end of this week, which amounted to four additional classes. All together, my pass purchase got me 112 classes at $4.46 per class! That's an average of 17 classes per month.

After Thursday I have my (FREE) Living Social pass for 10 more classes, which I think will take me to the end of the month. There is a special ashtanga class that I have to purchase separately on November 1st, and then I anticipate starting up a new pass on November 3rd. $4.46 is the number to beat from November-May!

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