Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yoga Challenge

Realized that since we left for vacation right after the challenge was over, I never got around to posting my results!

I did get to 25 classes in 30 days! I definitely had to alter my schedule so that they weren't all super-active classes though. I don't know how people do Mysore-style ashtanga FULL series nearly EVERY day. But they're probably also not training 3x a week for a race and lifting weights too.

So, first off - 26 classes on my monthly pass which cost $109. But one class was a special full ashtanga class with a guest teacher that normally would have cost $30, but was included in the pass if you were doing the challenge. So we'll exclude that one from the calculations, and I had a per-class cost of $3.16 (otherwise it's $4.19). I did 15 "active" classes (ashtanga, vinyasa flow 1/2) and 11 "passive" classes (yin, slow flow, deep stretch, restorative).

I'm currently using my Living Social 10-class pass (that I got FREE) which given a reduced schedule due to holiday festivities and travel, should get me through the end of the year. Special New Year's Day class (wisely at 2pm instead of in the morning!) and back to 'normal' schedule January 2nd.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SMART Financial Goals 2012

List of 2011 goals is here; and here's how we did:

1. We did sell the condo in September. We paid rent and mortgage (including the COA fee), plus insurance on two places, for 6 months. We also paid nearly $10K out of pocket to close. Which led, in part, to the fact that...
2. We only saved a little over $8000 towards the house DP this year (including dividends), about 1/3 of our goal. But we did most of that in about 2.5 months. The other reason the total wasn't larger was that...
2a. We decided to pay off the remaining balance of my student loan. The US Dept of Education switched to a new website in October that is incredibly frustrating, slow, and marks your account as 'past due' every month because for some reason they decided to have all auto-debited payments credited AFTER the due date (and then reverts your account status to 'current' after they get around to actually processing the payment). We decided that we just didn't want to deal with it anymore, paused our Vanguard contributions, and funneled all our extra dollars to the loan instead. I'm requesting the payoff balance tomorrow (after our previous payment shows up, three business days after it was scheduled to be credited). So, yay for that!

Two yays and a partial. So, how about next year?

1. Pay off my car loan. This should be done by August at the latest.
2. Restart contributions to our emergency fund CD ladder. Likely in October. We eventually want each of these to cover a month's worth of expenses.
3. STILL aiming for the magic $25K in the house DP account. We are projected to get pretty darn close this year so we might be able to squeeze it out.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre-post post

Back from the cruise! A bit bumpy, very fun. More later. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

So cranky

I ran 6.25 miles today, and my hips are sore now, but it seems to be yet another run that decided to not sync to the Nike+ website so my ticker doesn't move. It SHOULD be 327.5 miles today. Sigh.

EDIT: Tried contacting support, because someone in the forums said they can manually add runs to your account. Got a confirmation message saying "We will respond within one business day." No further response from them; I was finally able to download a file manager that let me move the xml file from the "synched" folder to the "recent" folder and then force resynch. I'm still missing a run from August (there was no xml file for that one) but I at least got the 6.25 miles credited.