Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I was looking to add a little something extra to my workout routine in the mornings. I'm not a terribly huge morning person, so it needed to be something pretty easy preparation-wise. I'm just not going to get up to take a class at the gym before work. I only managed the 6 weeks of run + yoga because there was a group waiting for me (and because I always left my yoga mat at the studio the night before), and was only about 50% successful at my solo Tuesday morning runs in my previous running schedule. Anything I could do in my pajamas is a bonus. I looked into a few Jillian Michaels workout videos (30 Day Shred and 6-Week 6-Pack) but I also kind of don't like having to take two showers in the same day.

Enter calisthenics.

1. I had started the 100 pushups program several months ago, but it was at the same time I was doing BodyCombat and the combination of two kickboxing classes a week (with pushups at the end of those classes also) plus doing the 100 pushups program was murdering my shoulder joints. I've given up the kickboxing and feel like my arms and chest are a lot stronger though, so I'm ready to attempt that again.

2. I downloaded a 99-cent android app that has ab workouts. There are 30 different exercises, and you can choose a 5-minute, 7.5-minute, or 10-minute workout. There are three pre-programmed workouts or you can randomize exercises for the selected workout time (which is what I'll probably do).

3. I haven't been able to do a pull-up since I was 11. I know the only way to get better at pull-ups is to do pull-ups (or negative pull-ups, if like me you're starting at a rep of 0). So I ordered a pull-up bar!

So, a couple sets of pushups, an ab workout, and a couple negative pull-ups!

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