Sunday, December 25, 2011


Gee, I'm not sure I would have known it was Christmas if all 541 of my Facebook friends hadn't posted about it... hehe. We actually opened presents and had the ham dinner last night, because M's grandma has to fly out at 6pm today. We're supposed to do stockings today, but after two hours we still can't seem to get everyone in the same room. So I haven't been able to run yet today either, and I've only got about 2 more hours of daylight left, bleh.

We went out to dinner for M's grandma's birthday Friday night (Red Lobster) and right as we were leaving his boss's boss called to tell him that he was going to be getting a nice bonus this year! That was an unexpectedly awesome surprise. We need to figure out what we're doing with it, but I suspect a small part of it will include a very nice dinner out to celebrate.

I got the new black boots that I asked M to order me, the interchangeable pearl necklace set that I asked M to have his parents order for me (no surprises here), a scarf and an olive garden gift card from his sisters, a pair of slippers, and some christmas decorations stuff from his aunts and uncles. And money from his grandparents. I believe some new bikes might be in our future!

I was a total dork and left the gifts from my mom on our dining room chair, so we'll open those when we get back tomorrow afternoon. My sister and STBBIL gave me pajama pants and a pretty picture frame when were there last weekend though :-)

[Edit - Momma got me pink fleece-lined crocs to keep my feet warm heading to yoga classes, and an Old Navy gift card!]

Another 8 hour drive in the plans for tomorrow. I think I'd like to not travel for the holidays next year.

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