Monday, September 26, 2011

It's almost that time of year again

Seasonal Affective Disorder - The Basics

But on the other hand, yay fall! Leaves are changing. Football is back. I'm pairing up my summer sundresses with chunky cardigans and boots for the transitional weather look. Cruise is less than 2 months away. Gallons of chili are less than three weeks away (oh, the chopping though...)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still alive

Got totally snaked by the weather. When we made the decision to cancel hiking yesterday, it was supposed to be raining all day yesterday and all day today. We get up this morning, and it's cloudy and mid-70s with almost no chance of rain - grrr.

Butt and back are a little sore today from the lunges and deadlifts, but nowhere near as sore as last time.

How does NASA not know where this satellite fell? Weren't they supposed to be tracking it the entire time?

Friday, September 23, 2011


No hiking tomorrow because of the rain, bleh.

Working out is going better - I've completed the first two weeks of the lifting program (the 15-rep sets). Lunges were way better this time. I think the first time, my legs and glutes were like "what the hell are you doing to us??" This time I expect a little soreness, but nothing like last week. I also flip-flopped the workouts back to the original A-B so that I'm doing the squat workout the day before running. I need to add a weight to the exercise ball crunches though (either a plate or a medicine ball) because they're far too easy for my yoga-fied abs.

Running is going well too - rain has held off both times I've planned to run outside so far. Distance is gonna start adding up though...long run is 4 miles next week!

I laughed as M and I were leaving the gym tonight, because we were "reversed" - he spent his time working out on the elliptical, while I lifted weights and then chugged a protein shake :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moral Support

I'm running tonight after my first weight lifting session last night (dead lifts and lunges = owie in the glutes and thighs). Right before M leaves work, he sends me this IM:

see you tonight, provided you don't die
if so, I will see if the cats like Chinese food
Thanks hun :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And we're off!

15K training started Sunday! It's all 2-mile runs for the first differentiation between short, medium, and long. They won't be fully differentiated until the third week (3, 2 and 3 during week 2).

New Rules of Lifting for Women started today! I did the B workout of stage 1 - deadlifts, shoulder press, lat pulldown, lunges, and ab crunch. Lunges = yucky and my butt is going to be way sore tomorrow. I did feel awkward initially being the only girl in the weight lifting area all by myself, but I just ignored everyone else (headphones help). They did not all ignore me though!

More running tomorrow, more lifting Friday. Then dinner/game night with C&E, and LBD on Saturday!! Running, new church, and yoga book club Sunday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Evolution of a nickname

"Courtney" is a really hard name for little kids to say. I'm actually surprised I never really got a nickname from having trouble saying my own name as a kid.

Weekend trip 1: As we're getting ready to leave WV, Emily says to Owen, "Can you say goodbye to Courtney?" Owen says "Bye Cookie!" I say "Cookie - close enough!"

Weekend trip 2: Cassy has no trouble with 'Matt' but doesn't even attempt 'Courtney.' I tell Carly "Last weekend, Owen called me 'Cookie.'" Carly says "Cassy, where's Aunt Cookie?" Cassy says "Kiki!" and points to me.

Two toddlers and two weeks to Aunt Kiki. Works for me :-)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We did it!!


Woohoo! We've put nearly $3500 into our house down-payment fund since then (had suspended contributions back in November so we could stockpile cash for our sale closing costs). I tried to update the ticker today but it keeps defaulting to 'ticker style' instead of 'update data' so whatevs. I am really super excited to get this back on track though. Decided to hold off on the new bikes for a few more months in hopes of a good end of the year sale.

We think we might look into building a house when the time comes, instead of buying one. Will have to do some more investigation about how this process actually works.

And after the condo closing, we went to West Virginia for labor day weekend! Had a great weekend with the Griffiths - fun and noisy. Went hiking at Cooper's Rock and out to dinner in Morgantown, and watched a lot of college football. Played a game of Puerto Rico Sunday night - I won!

Cabining (and caverning) with the Nusbaums this weekend, and then I start my fall workout schedule with running and lifting!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Wow, August just totally flew by! This is just a quick post because I hate the thought of being "lapped" in my blog, haha. It was a busy month though! Poker night at the Nusbaums (where I was embarrassingly the first one out, and M and E ended up splitting the final pot), Robyn and Derrick's birthday party, dinner and movie with M ('Crazy Stupid Love'), dinner with Jim et al, 30th birthday (and yet people still mistake me for my early 20s), dinner at the Kennedy Center, 'Wicked' (AWESOME!!), winery trip with C&E, birthday dinner at Don Pablos, game night with the Bradneys, NOT CLOSING ON THE CONDO (frowny face), dinner with Jim and Phil. Whew!

Supposed to ACTUALLY be closing on the condo tomorrow at noon. Off to WV for labor day weekend after that!

Will go ahead and post my yoga update since I don't go to class again until the 6th. August 3rd-September 2nd = 22 yoga classes, average cost of $3.79 per class and 92 classes total on this pass. New cost per class record! Only one more month to go on this pass, and then I have my (FREE) 10 class Living Social pass, which ought to get me at least 3 weeks into October before I have to buy a new 6 month pass.

College football starts this weekend!