Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fools

I never do anything 'good' for April Fools Day. But, happy birthday mom! (And that's no foolin')

Last weekend we went to Annapolis for a mini-vacation/getaway. We left on Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel (procured with a Living Social deal) and hung out for a little while before it was time to leave for dinner. We ate at Rams Head Tavern - pretty tasty. Then we went over next door to the club to see Marrakesh Express, an awesome CSNY tribute band. A lot of fun! I had an ice cream float during the concert, and M had a couple of their brewery stouts.

Friday we slept in, went to Boston Market for lunch, and then went to downtown Annapolis. Visited the statehouse and walked around for a couple hours. Headed back to the hotel and watched our free in-room movie ('Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy') and went to the pool and hot tub for a while. Friday night we went to Cadillac Ranch for dinner, and then to Paladar Latin Kitchen for rum flights and churros - yum!

Saturday evening we got together with Carly, Eric, Mark and Amanda and played Carcassone; Sunday we went for sushi with MG and Lawrie (and DQ blizzards afterward). Finally found a sushi place that is both yummy AND affordable!

My new boss started this week, so my work schedule should be a little better now (I only have 1 extra hour on my timecard so far instead of 3-4).

We went to Mike and Katherine's wedding yesterday (#1 of 3 this year) and had a great time. Next one is in August. Today I ran 9 miles and went to yin yoga class. Only 5 weeks until the half marathon!

I actually ended up starting my new lifting plan last Tuesday. I like it! But I changed my rest time from 60 sec to 75 after the first day. And I need to not push myself too much on my supporting lifts (I could not do a 35lb dumbbell snatch right after my bench press, for example). Had a pretty mad case of DOMS after lunges on Friday, so I must be doing something right. I'll just rotate the three lifts on my two weekly lifting days until after the race when I can go to three lifting days a week.

Happy Spring! Easter is next weekend and fam is coming. I have Olivia's Easter basket all picked out :-)

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