Sunday, June 03, 2012

How is it June already?

In three weeks I'll be eating a corndog at Capt'n Franks in OBX!

Until then, I've still got plenty of work to do. Pre-vacation daily planks start today, oof. 11 more yoga classes, 8 or 9 runs (including the Twilight 4-Miler on Saturday), 6 lifting sessions, and 5 dates with Jillian Michaels.

I can do NINE chinups (3 sets of 3) and almost 1 full pull-up. I think I'll get that one down this week.

Also coming up before the beach: Skinners' going away party today, Matt's cousin's HS graduation, Game Night, another wine dinner at Ruth's Chris, Robyn and Derrick and Elise, our 9 year anniversary, and a wedding shower for Kelly.

And then BEACH. I already have a spa afternoon planned with a pedicure, signature body wrap, and signature facial on the calendar. We're going to have seafood night at Captain George's this year, and M and I will probably go to Tail of the Whale again as well. This year's movie is MIB:III. I plan to rotate my two Jillian DVDs, and run a bit as the weather allows.

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