Sunday, June 30, 2013

OBX Recap

Last day of June - the year is already half over! I technically kicked off our vacation on Friday afternoon after I was done working for the day, celebrating the summer solstice with 54 sun salutations (half of the traditional 108 due to time constraints) and then celebrating Lawrie's 30th birthday with yummy mexican food. And then...

10 year anniversary! * First meal in OBX at Captain Frank's (corn dog and hush puppies for me, chicken fingers and fries for Matt, as always) * saw 'Now You See Me' (great movie) * shopped at the outlet mall * did 1% of the Van Gogh puzzle * played Seven Wonders * played Yahtzee * played Loot * played Acquire * played Phase 10 * played bocce * won the Kan Jam tournament * bruised both feet from Kan Jam tournament (frisbee right in the ankles) * hot tubbed with from-scratch pina coladas * made homemade cheesecake ice cream * made oreo truffle balls * grilled steaks and polish sausage * did yoga on the beach * did yoga on the roof deck * walked to the pier * played mini golf (tied with M) * got DQ blizzards IN A CONE * rode the ferris wheel * watched the moon rise several times * saw the SUPER MOON * stargazed * sampled several flavors of jello shots (double cherry and lime coconut were my faves) * had lunch with my cousin Clare * got a facial, massage and manicure * watched 'Ted' and 'The Princess Bride' * waded in the ocean - too cold for me to swim * cooked clams and shrimp for seafood night * picked a huge pile of crabs * read on the beach (finished my book and a pile of magazines) * got woken up at 5:30 am by a crazy thunderstorm on the last morning

We left earlier than previous years and only had to sit in the car for 6 hours instead of 8.5 hours. Got back in time to grab lunch and head over to see Lloyd Dobler Effect playing at the outlet mall, which turned out to be a disappointment because they didn't play any of their own music, just a bunch of covers. We only stayed about 45 minutes and then headed home to do laundry and clear out the DVR.

61 days until we fly to Florida to see Steve and Jill, go to ATX at the Kennedy Space Center, and cruise to the Bahamas!